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Heeeeeey..........its been like 2 months since i said i would post something, and i still haven't done shit.

i would say ive been busy revising for my A levels, but that would be a lie. the truth is, Zelda. i recently got OOT and Wind Waker, two of the zelda games ive wanted to play the most, so thats kinnda taken up my life. 
anyway ive almost completed Wind Waker and im stuck on OOT (damn you shadow temple) so i will WILL post something soon. 

Any who, my little sister has bulled me into getting wattpad, not much of a writer, bad spelling and grammer + not being able to write my though down on paper/laptop screen = PFFFFFF

but yeah, wattpad, and since i hate not using accounts i have im going to write something.

its kinnda like a creepypasta, but not a creepypasta. 
Think BEN drowned meet more detective crime + drama. 
Think poorly written as well (sorry BEN for using you as a bad example)

lol BEN's not real  :icontrollbenplz:

if your not interested the cool, i made a kinnda mini comic about it too which i will post to devianART....soon....i think
if you are, cool too.... heres a link

haha, im sorry i coudent help my self
srsly though -->…
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United Kingdom
Hey, guys, my name is Anna, i'm 16 years old and am just a figment of your imagination :meow:

i am married to the amazing :iconoksiii: who is also a cat fairy.....yay c:

Drawing is the only thing that i'm half good at (half good since i'm not completly good at it) I draw and doodle (mostly doodle) whenever i can.
I use to draw a lot of band fanart, manga/anime fanart or 'dark art'/'emo' art, but i kinnda do whatever now. i don't even know -_-

Whenever i'm not drawing i'm usually listening to music, reading graphic novels or watching movies and YouTube, CRRRRRRRY. I've been playing the legend of Zelda and Pokemon a lot recently too so, my life = the legend of poke-cry?? i don't even know U-U

I do requests, so if you have one just note me or something :heart: i don't bite

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